German Shepherd And Arthritis

Whether you have a dog for a pet or for guarding purposes, one of the most important things is to make sure they are well taken care of, and that they remain healthy. Sometimes diseases crop up for one reason or the other, and thus it is important to have some insights about common dog health problems such as Arthritis and your German shepherd.

Arthritis is one of the most common issues with German shepherds, in most cases due to their assize and weight. This makes them more at risk of developing problems in the joints and ligaments it can be really emotional seeing your best friend suffer in pain.

But when that occurs, there are a few things you can do to provide care and manage the condition for your dog. Here are 5 tips you can used for the management of the constitution to improve the quality of life for your dog.:
1. Call a vet or pet care professional
The first and most appropriate step to take when you observe signs of joint or muscular pain on your dog is to call your nearest vet for assistance. Such signs may include limping, wailing, and others such as lack of appetite. You can easily tell when your dog is in pain or is struggling to move. Your vet will provide pain relief remedies or recommend appropriate treatment program. Even by so doing, they will also advice you on how to take proper care of your German shepherd and manage Arthritis. The vet may recommend the following tips.
2. Watch his weight and consider his diet
In most cases even in humans, arthritic conditions are associated with being overweight and as such, you might want to consider some weight control measures. These may include dieting programs to ensure that the dog loses some few pounds. This can be effective in reducing suffering.
3. Take him for exercise
Even though this should be done with great care, exercising your German shepherd can help in combating the symptoms. You should however watch that you don’t overwork him as this would only make things worse. Talk to your vet concerning the best exercises for Arthritis in dogs. Exercising him will ensure increased blood circulation and might help in reducing joint stiffness and irritation. It will aid in weight control and pain reduction, especially during cold seasons.
4. Ensure his rest and comfort
The other thing you want to look at is their comfort and rest. You can consider some mobility aiding means such as constructing a raised structure with foam mattress covering to reduce the laying down and rising up movements. This will also ensure that they get quality sleep and less torment from joint pin.

10 Dachshund Facts

Everybody loves a wiener dog. They are so cute. Below are some interesting facts about Dachshunds in general:

1, Standard and Miniature Dachshunds are recognized by the American Kennel Club whereas Toy Dachshunds are recognized by only the Kennel Club of United Kingdom.

2, long haired dachshund puppy have extremely odd body shape, Legs amazingly small, Tail always wagging and a long hot dog shaped body.

3, dachshund dog that we see today are divided into three groups and are a result of breeding them with different dog breeds.

4, long haired dachshund puppies were bred to hunt and therefore their name which means “Badger Dog”.

5, dachshund dogs are Big dogs in a small BODY and never think twice in facing dogs almost three times their size.

6, Hard to believe, dachshund dogs are often used in dog races. A healthy dachshund dog can run up to 20 mph.

7, standard dachshund Are prone to many Spinal disorders because of their odd body shape.

8, Not so easy to train, They are quite stubborn in nature but are also clever.

9, They come in several coat colors and also have three different coat lengths.

10, Dachshunds were not bred to be guard dogs but are vocal and can serve as a watch dog if properly trained.

In the end, all we know is that Dachshunds are the cutest and most unusual dogs and we love them a lot. And if you are a doxie lover, then you also understand how cute and unique they are.

Watch this funny and fact filled video about Dachshunds:

You can also find a lot of fun information and video when you visit Dachshund

Dog Problems Humans Don’t understand

What a funny dog video!!!

This is a tongue in cheek in the every day life that a dog faces. This is kind of funny and shows the problems that dogs face while dealing with their owners as well as other pets.

They feature common problems like their owners dressing them like humans and others like when they try to go outside but there are other dog bullies.

In general it’s funny and harmless.We are probably guilty of these sins as well.

Just take a look at the funny video, you will like it.

Exercise Your Dog With Hip Dysplasia

Your dog needs exercise!!!!

Exercise is important, but keep it slow and steady. Talk to your Vet and ask him for treatments or supplements. It’s important for them to learn to walk on a leash

And just like with humans your dog needs to have frequent exercise. just minimize the level effort. Steady short walks are best for him if he suffers from hip dysplaia.

Watch the video below and see how important it is to take your dog for a walk on a regular basis:

Dog Health Check

How do you know if your dog is in good health? Well now you can do a Dog Health Check at home. There are many practical ways for you to spend a little bit of time with your dog to ensure that he is doing OK. Usually these are quick and simple to do.

In the video there are several techniques that Amy the Vet demonstrates. This type of a check can be performed on a regular ongoing basis. You can never do enough for your pet.

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